Welcome to
Metaverse of Danerob
Join the DaneRob's Megaverse in the Metaverse, the most exciting metaverse in the whole universe — explore and battle with other players to collect rare and precious element kronton.
What is Danerob’s Metaverse
The biggest megaverse in the metaverse invites all explorers in search of adventure. The magnificent metaverse of DaneRob is where Danes are on a mission to collect kronton a rare element which can be exchanged for $DANE tokens. You get an option to get into an exploration adventure in the megaverse to search and mine kronton or you can challenge other Danes into battle and win kronton as reward.

Each Dane can be customized from our in-game NFT marketplace, high detail of customizations are available to suit both looks and style. Moreover, each Dane has a unique serial number registered on the blockchain.

Each attribute can affect the stats of your Dane (strength, speed, attack, defense, battle ability ….) and/or be used offensively, defensively or to move around, like for example the acquiring and assembling of NFT attribute upgrades allows you to develop your own play style.

Origins of
It all started with Doctor Dane Rob who is an infamous Biotech genetic scientist, from his childhood Doctor Dane was fascinated by all species of animals and he thought to himself what if these species of animals were as smart and intelligent as humans.

He followed his curiosity and started his research at a very young age learning about the biology of animals especially in Genetics and how a technique called cloning can be used to modify the genetics of a being and theoretically enhance its abilities. Read more
in the MetaVerse
Gameplay of Danerob
MultiPlayer Battle:

Players compete with each other in the magnificent metaverse of DaneRob. They are on a mission to collect kronton as much as possible and in order to achieve that, they can challenge each other to a battle.

1 Vs 1 Arena Battle: :

To accelerate the collection of Kronton, players enter Battle Arena organized by us. Two players who want to fight each other meet in DaneRob's ultimate battle arena. They fight each other to win the weekly prize pool.

Artificial Intelligence Bots:

Unlike other games on the blockchain, you can still continue to win prizes even if there are no active users at the time you play the game. Artificial intelligence bots are added to servers when the number of active users drops a certain threshold. The reward distribution of the players is made according to the amount of Kronton they have mined in-game. The mined Kronton can be exchanged for $DANE tokens.
Q1 2022
Born of
  • Demo of Game
  • Whitepaper release
  • NFT Minting
  • Demo of NFT Marketplace
  • Listed on Solanart
  • Successful completion of seed, private and public sale.
  • Organizing and launching marketing campaigns.
  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings.
  • Announcement of partnerships.
  • Launch complete web and mobile version of the game.
Q2 2022
DaneRob is
  • Organizing incentive campaigns to create interaction for the game.
  • Announcement of strategic partnerships.
  • Exchange listing and setting up the market maker.
  • Start to work on new characters and items.
  • Start to working on staking and farming.
Q2 2022
Community of DaneRob is Growing
  • Start to researching for to make our game playable as VR
  • Graphics improvements and optimization.
  • Establishing the governance structure
  • Partnering with projects for a multiasset staking pool.
  • Launch NFT Marketplace.
Q4 2022
Get on SpaceCraft of DenaRob
  • Aim to launch first version of game.
  • Partner with DAO projects like Merit DAO to reach more people.
  • Get feedbacks from community and improve game.
  • Incentive program for new investors.
Q1 2023
Get on SpaceCraft of DenaRob
  • Add an airdrop mechanism to the game.
  • Improve AI Bots Algorithm.
  • Add more NFT marketplaces in-game.
  • Release the new website.
Q2 2023
Congratulation you have reach the top
  • Introduce new character NFT to the game.
  • Add new battle modes.
  • Addition of new DLC for the game.
Our Team
CG Artist
Digital Artist & Art
Baran Berk
Strategic Advisor & BD at Solanart
Project Manager & Operations
We creating MegaVerse
in the Metaverse.